LIFEM | 8-11 November 2023

Our 2023 festival has now concluded and it's fair to say that the 50th Anniversary was celebrated in style.
Our Gala Concert, reviewed here, was the perfect representation of LIFEM, combining superb performing skill, exquisite craftsmanship and compositional mastery. Jane Chapman, Guido & Lorenzo Bizzi, and Roxanna Panufnik please take a bow!
Special congratulations go to Jiyeon Bang, winner of the SRP/Moeck Solo Recorder Competition and thanks to all of the performers, exhibitors and speakers who contributed to a memorable celebration of the very best in early music.
Planning for 2024 begins immediately, but before that do look out for the concert films which will be available for streaming in early December.
Thank you on behalf of the trustees and staff of LIFEM.
Chris Butler, Festival Director
“Makers of crumhorns, lutes, viols, sackbuts and shawms rub shoulders with top players, singers and composers, in a week-long celebration of musical exploration and performance.”

Stephen Pritchard, The Observer


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